Filaire filmisata Couches filmisata

Technology :

FILMISTA unifies 2 different properties of urethane film, non-stretchable and stretchable, bonded by thermal compression.

This combination provides a unique association of stability and comfort, with an unmatched thinness.

The shape and position of the film are designed based on proven-effective taping method.

Bouton Zamst Legals mentions

What makes FILMISTA different?

FILMISTA is the thinnest second-skin-like support ever developed, replacing traditional prevention techniques such as braces or taping with greater 3D fit and ease-of-use.

The unique technology (heat sealed flex film) combining two different urethane densities serve an enhanced stability and unmatched thinness.

Easy to apply, adjustable, easy fit in socks, FILMISTA activates the proprioception during practice helping athletes to be confident and precise in their movements.

FILMISTA enables athletes to concentrate on their performance and stay injury free.